PROCORE Slatwall Sports Bundle – Grey

Model #35904K

The optimal storage solution to get all your sports gear organized and off the floor featuring PROCORE PVC panel. Now available in Grey.

PROCORE, The newest member of the Proslat family promises over 2 x the strength of regular slatwall. The key to this panel is its aluminum core. This patent pending design uses PVC only as an aesthetic finish and relies on the aluminum to do the heavy lifting. It is not a replacement for the original Proslat PVC panel, but rather an enhancement to the category.

The PROCORE panel will satisfy the needs of customers with 24 inch stud centers while maximizing load strength. Proslat’s original panel designed for 16 inch studs is still a great option for many homeowners, its strength is still your best bet economically (holds up to 75 lb per linear foot), however more new builds today are designed with 24 inch studs.



*Assembly required


What’s included:

1 – PROCORE 8 ft. x 4 ft. Slatwall Section – Grey (32 sq.ft.):

  • 10 Single slats when installed make up 8ft W x 4ft H (32 sq.ft)
  • 1 x Starter trim (Comes in white, and will be concealed once installed)
  • 1 x Top trim
  • 2 x 49 in. Side trims
  • Hardware and instructions.


1 – Sports kit:

4 x 4 in. hooks

2 x Heavy Duty hooks

1 x Ski/Baseball organizers

2 x U hooks

1 x Fishing rod holder

1 x Board rack

2 x Vertical bike hooks


  • Great all-in-one kit to take back your garage
  • 8 ft. x 4 ft. (32 sq. ft.) includes all required trims and hardware for installation
  • PROCORE PVC slatwall holds up to 200 lb. (91 kg) per square foot
  • Accessories clip into place and can be moved as often as you like
  • Can be installed on one complete wall or separate sections
  • Installed directly to studs or over drywall into studs
  • Easy to clean wipe with damp cloth or if you installed an entire wall, simply hose it down
  • Can run wires behind the panels to give a clean look
  • Impact resistant
  • Lifetime warranty on panels and 10-year warranty on accessories

Installed dimensions: 8 ft. long by 4 ft. high

Total coverage: 32 sq.ft. (3 sq.m.)


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