Garage doors: LORDSHIP Heritage (R-16)

Heritage Garage Door: The Original Redesigned

Presenting a precious heritage, our Heritage garage door stands out for its sobriety and elegance. Applied mouldings enhance the architectural character of your modern, traditional or country property. The oversized Heritage moulding can be positioned to your preference.

The Seigneurie Héritage door offers several advantages:

  • Insulated Heritage garage door designed to be energy efficient with a thermal resistance value of R-16;
  • Blends perfectly with the exterior appearance of your property’s classic architecture;
  • Aesthetically appealing to enhance the appearance of your home, as on average, garage doors represent 30% of what passers-by will see of your property;
  • Manufactured using premium parts and components that ensure maximum performance, value and peace of mind;
  • Rollers and hardware for quiet and smooth operation of the Heritage Garage Door;
  • Featuring the new XPS extruded polystyrene rot-proof end cap, offering several advantages over traditional wood end caps.



All paints selected by GAREX are based on baked polyester and meet rigorous quality standards. The colors shown below may differ from the actual door cladding colors. Request a color swatch by mail

Steel Door

  • KakiKAKI
  • WhiteWHITE
  • Commercial BrownCOMMERCIAL BROWN
  • SablonSABLON
  • Dark OakDARK OAK
  • CharcoalCHARCOAL
  • MoneyMONEY
  • BlackBLACK
  • Iron OreIRON ORE


  • Seigneurie HéritageSEIGNEURIE HÉRITAGE

Decorative windows


GAREX offers a wide variety of decorative windows for your garage door. Whatever your taste, you will find the model that suits you and will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Don’t forget that GAREX also provides custom windows to perfectly match your new garage door with the architecture and style of your home.

  • Clear stained glass windowsCLEAR STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Stained glass top section 3 by 1STAINED GLASS TOP SECTION 3 BY 1
  • Stained glass section 3 by 1 arched highSTAINED GLASS SECTION 3 BY 1 ARCHED HIGH
  • 4-pane stained glass windows4-PANE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 6-pane stained glass windows6-PANE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Stained glass windows 4 diamond tilesSTAINED GLASS WINDOWS 4 DIAMOND TILES
  • Stained glass windows 6 diamond tilesSTAINED GLASS WINDOWS 6 DIAMOND TILES
  • Sun Stained GlassSUN STAINED GLASS
  • Sunburst arched stained glass windowsSUNBURST ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Clear arched stained glass windowsCLEAR ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 4-tile arched stained glass windows4-TILE ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 6-pane arched stained glass windows6-PANE ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Arched stained glass windows 4 diamond tilesARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS 4 DIAMOND TILES
  • Arched stained glass windows 6 diamond tilesARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS 6 DIAMOND TILES

Technical Information

Garage door dimensions


Technical Specifications

Coating description Wood grain steel
Metal Thickness 0.47 mm (0.0185 in.)
Insulation Factor RSI 2.81 (R-16)
Density of insulation 40 kg/m3 ( 2.5 lbs/ft3 )
Door Thickness 44.5 mm (1 3/4″)


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