Garage Doors: Premium Select MX-R (R-16)

Beauty made easy

Garex’s new MX-R Premium Select Garage Door Series offers the perfect combination of classic style, beauty and simplicity. Available only in 7, 8 and 9-foot sizes, this model combines large, oversized embossed designs on the left with more classic patterns on the right.

Customize Your Garage Door with MX-R Premium Select Windows

Add windows of different sizes and choose the colour that suits your property to personalize your MX-R Premium Select garage door. A classic redesigned with more beauty, created especially for you.

Advantages of the MX-R Premium Select Garage Door

  • R-16 insulation for better thermal performance and lower energy consumption;
  • Perfectly suited to the classic architecture of your home;
  • Aesthetic design to enhance the appearance of your home, as garage doors make up an average of 30% of what passers-by will see of your home;
  • Made with premium materials for maximum performance, increased durability, and peace of mind;
  • Quiet and smooth operation thanks to quality rollers and hardware;
  • XPS extruded polystyrene rot-proof end cap for increased durability and performance.

Order your Garex Premium Select MX-R garage door now

Enhance the thermal performance and appearance of your home with the simplified and elegant Premium Select MX-R garage door.




All paints selected by GAREX are based on baked polyester and meet rigorous quality standards. The colors shown below may differ from the actual door cladding colors. Request a color swatch by mail

Steel Door

  • WhiteWHITE
  • KakiKAKI
  • Commercial BrownCOMMERCIAL BROWN
  • SablonSABLON
  • Dark OakDARK OAK
  • CharcoalCHARCOAL
  • BlackBLACK
  • MoneyMONEY
  • Iron OreIRON ORE

Aluminum door

  • WhiteWHITE
  • GreyGREY

Custom Colors

If you wish to obtain a non-standard colour, we can have your door painted in the colour of your choice (Sico or Gentek equivalent).


  • PremiumPREMIUM

Decorative windows


GAREX offers a wide variety of decorative windows for your garage door. Whatever your taste, you will find the model that suits you and will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Don’t forget that GAREX also provides custom windows to perfectly match your new garage door with the architecture and style of your home.

  • Clear stained glass windowsCLEAR STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Stained glass top section 3 by 1STAINED GLASS TOP SECTION 3 BY 1
  • Stained glass section 3 by 1 arched highSTAINED GLASS SECTION 3 BY 1 ARCHED HIGH
  • 4-pane stained glass windows4-PANE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 6-pane stained glass windows6-PANE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Stained glass windows 4 diamond tilesSTAINED GLASS WINDOWS 4 DIAMOND TILES
  • Stained glass windows 6 diamond tilesSTAINED GLASS WINDOWS 6 DIAMOND TILES
  • Sun Stained GlassSUN STAINED GLASS
  • Sunburst arched stained glass windowsSUNBURST ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Clear arched stained glass windowsCLEAR ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 4-tile arched stained glass windows4-TILE ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • 6-pane arched stained glass windows6-PANE ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS
  • Arched stained glass windows 4 diamond tilesARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS 4 DIAMOND TILES
  • Arched stained glass windows 6 diamond tilesARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS 6 DIAMOND TILES

Technical Information


Dimensions MX_FR

Technical Specifications

Coating description Aluminum
wood grain
Wood grain steel
Metal Thickness 0.61 mm (0.024 in.) 0.47 mm (0.0185 in.)
Insulation Factor RSI 2.81(R-16) RSI 2.81 (R-16)
Density of insulation 40 kg/m3 ( 2.5 lbs/ft3 ) 40 kg/m3 ( 2.5 lbs/ft3 )
Door Thickness 44.5 mm (1 3/4″) 44.5 mm (1 3/4″)


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